Members: 3 | Owner: Boumeslout A.

This group is about web developement

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Members: 2 | Owner: Genny W.


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Luxury Professionals in Canada

Members: 28 | Owner: Amish D.

Hi Professionals in Luxury Space, lets know each other. Regards

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Italy - Retail

Members: 59 | Owner: Umberto M.

Jobs and career opportunities

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Job Hunting in the UAE

Members: 140 | Owner: Nathanial M.

A group to share information and contacts for those who are seeking new opportunities within the UAE.

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Luxury HR Group

Members: 191 | Owner: Genny W.

This group is for HR and recruiting professionals from all over the world to exchange and collaborate on topics and on dynamics related to the luxury market HR sector.

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Visual Merchandiser and designer

Members: 129 | Owner: carl ross c.

visual merchandiser job seaker

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Brand Ambassadors

Members: 231 | Owner: John A.

Network of Brand Ambassadors or those looking for jobs in that field.

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Revolutionizing the way men shop

Members: 94 | Owner: Annette D.

Revolutionizing the way men shop will share ideas re how we bring back personal style, character and class to men.

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архитектурный интерьерный декор

Members: 54 | Owner: сергей з.

Обмен информацией.Поиск партнеров и заказов.

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Members: 58 | Owner: Jaime S.

Love to hear from manufactures, artist, writers, developers etc. Job posting, sharing

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Luxe en Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.

Members: 158 | Owner: Tarik L.

Groupe dédié aux professionnels du luxe et du retail de luxe dans les régions Provence-Alpes et Côte d'Azur.

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Luxury Alumni

Members: 277 | Owner: Alex M.

Worldwide Group for Students & Alumni within the luxury sector.

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Luxury Retail World

Members: 573 | Owner: Genny W.

This group is dedicated to all luxury retail professionals from around the globe willing to exchange and collaborate on subjects such as retail, business news, careers advice ... and much more.

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