BUSINESS - 13 January 2017 - by BlogLux
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How LVMH Makes Luxury More Sustainable

  The companies that are most vocal about environmental and social issues tend to be big, mass-market brands — well-known retailers, consumer products giants, and tech firms that are telling a new story to consumers who increasingly care about sustainability. It migh...

LIFESTYLE - 19 December 2016 - by BlogLux
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Kering introduces a minimum length of time for maternity...

  With effect from 1 January 2017, Kering’s parental policy will allow all the Group’s employees, whatever their personal circumstances or location, a minimum of 14 weeks on full pay for maternity and adoption leave and a minimum of five days on full pay for paternity or pa...

INTERVIEWS - 16 December 2016 - by BlogLux
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China leading the way in e-commerce for the luxury industry

CHINA. E-commerce is changing rapidly in China as the boundaries between online and offline are being blurred and new technologies come to the fore. Over 150 luxury industry executives from brands such as Dior, Swarovski, Bulgari, and LVMH took part in the second edition of the Luxury ...

INTERVIEWS - 07 December 2016 - by BlogLux
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Indians To Embrace Preowned Luxury Goods

When the luxury pre-owned and thrift segment caught Anvita Mehra’s eye in the UK, it was something she wanted for India; her challenge lay in how to make a viable business of a concept that had so much stigma attached to it in her home country. As a first year student at the University ...

MISCELLANEOUS - 02 December 2016 - by BlogLux
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Luxury Brands Add Personal Services

Burberry Group PLC’s store employees have taken on some new duties: organizing birthday parties, private dinners and art-gallery visits for high-spending shoppers. The British luxury label is expanding its army of so-called private client associates who develop personal relationshi...

BUSINESS - 22 November 2016 - by BlogLux
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Are luxury brands clicking on the right buttons?

  If you think luxury products are ahead on salesmanship, then consider this: Prada didn’t even have a website till 2007. Today, the brand not only has a website that matches the latest design standards, but also sells online in the US and has a wide social media presence. Many o...

MISCELLANEOUS - 08 November 2016 - by BlogLux
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Bicester Village's luxury expansion into Shanghai

After 40 minutes of swerving through Shanghai’s dense traffic and even thicker fog, the instantly recognisable turrets of Disney’s Enchanted Castle puncture the grey skies, a symbol of China’s rapid, commerce-driven society. On the other side of the four-month-old Disneyland Par...

LIFESTYLE - 01 November 2016 - by Cassie Owen
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Relocating to the Middle East - Dubai

Dubai is internationally known as one of the most sophisticated futuristic and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Having retained its position as one of the most important international retail destinations globally. Dubai is one of the fastest growing locations for luxury lifestyle retail. &...

HORECA - 20 October 2016 - by BlogLux
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In conversation with Ana M. Brant


MISCELLANEOUS - 19 October 2016 - by BlogLux
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Is it even possible to sell “luxury” on Amazon?

While much of Amazon’s sales volume is in diapers, blenders, and other unglamorous products, the e-commerce behemoth is also a fashion giant. Next year it’s expected to become the biggest apparel seller in the US, and it boasts an enviable customer base for higher-end brands...

BUSINESS - 12 October 2016 - by BlogLux
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UK 'most affordable' luxury market in world

The UK has become the most affordable market for luxury goods in the world but shoppers from overseas may only have a limited time to cash in, it is claimed. Analysis by Deloitte said the UK topped the affordability stakes in the immediate aftermath of the country's vote to leave the EU...

FASHION - 02 October 2016 - by BlogLux
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Leather goods market bound for $258.4B by 2020

Leather goods remain a lucrative product category with an upward trajectory that is expected to continue at compound annual growth rate of more than 4 percent through 2020, according to a report by Technavio. As the primary pillar of many luxury houses, the leather goods market is expected ...

BUSINESS - 20 September 2016 - by BlogLux
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Middle-East: An opportunity for the luxury market

Major chunk of revenue is coming from tourists than residents The Middle East, led by strong growth in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, represents a big opportunity for premium brands as the global luxury goods sector is expected to grow more slowly in 2016, at a rate many retailers may find disappo...

BUSINESS - 15 September 2016 - by Abhay Gupta
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How luxury brands should target India’s super-rich

Despite the economic slowdown across the world, the size of the global luxury market is estimated to be around $2 trillion. The BRICS markets, more specifically China and India rather than Brazil and Russia, have been in the spotlight for the past few years. However, luxury marketers in China l...

FASHION - 07 September 2016 - by BlogLux
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Luxury 3.0 is bringing exclusivity back in style

Bespoke clothing is a big part of the 3.0 Luxury trend, with menswear taking the lead. The luxury industry is in a state of flux. The very meaning of the word is being called into question: for some, it translates as plush leather armchairs, secluded cabins, unattainable experiences and rare ...

ARTS - 28 August 2016 - by BlogLux
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Saks, Louboutin & Halle Berry against cancer

Christian Louboutin, Saks Fifth Avenue and Halle Berry team up for Key to the Cure campaign. Saks Fifth Avenue’s Key to the Cure campaign is always a team effort of A-list talent from fashion and Hollywood. Now in its 18th year, the 2016 cancer research campaign will feature Halle Berry...

MISCELLANEOUS - 23 August 2016 - by BlogLux
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Luxury Brands Retail Strategies to Improve CRM

  Top sales associates across industries have told us that the sales model is broken in most retail companies. Instead of building profitable long-term customer relationships, most sales associates focus just on transactions. Customer retention rates are between 10-30 percent in the t...

JEWELRY & WATCHES - 18 August 2016 - by BlogLux
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The rebirth of British watchmaking

Bremont is the best-known current UK watchmaker   You will have little trouble finding a luxury Swiss watch in London's West End, where shops selling brands such as Rolex, Omega and Patek Philippe are commonplace. But British-made timepieces are much harder to come by. One of th...

BUSINESS - 31 July 2016 - by BlogLux
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Can Amazon Conquer the Luxury Market ?

Luxury brands and retailers that think they’re safe from the disruptive force of Amazon are sorely mistaken. So said Shullman Research Center’s recently published report, “Is Amazon Coming Into its Prime?” which advised upscale marketers and sellers alike to think...

INTERVIEWS - 21 July 2016 - by BlogLux
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Luxury Industry Careers Interview Advice

Interview guide An interview is a two way process – the potential employer will be learning about you and vice versa. Information will be gained not only from the answers given to their questions, but also from the kind of questions you ask and the opinions you hold. There is no mag...